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Freshwater Shrimp and Prawn


Using Freshwater Aquaponics Shrimps for a Better Cycle

How is that possible?

In this article, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Grab a drink and read on.

Why should you use freshwater aquaponics shrimps?

Using freshwater shrimp for aquaponics (crustaceans fish) can be a beneficial addition to your already fish populated tank. Notice here when I say addition?

That’s right, I use shrimps or prawns as an addition to my tilapia fish.

Prawns are bottom feeders. They will eat anything they will find. This goes from organic matter to snails and fish waste.

The best way to incorporate shrimps into your aquaponics system is to have them in your fish tank, under your floating rafts or in both of them. We will discuss both options right now.

  1. Have them in your fish tank – When you don’t have floating rafts this is the option to go after. The prawns will eat the fish waste and help to keep the bottom clean.
  1. Have them under your floating rafts – Remember when I told that shrimps like organic waste? Well, under your floating rafts there is quite a lot of organic waste like dead roots. Now to answer your next question if the prawns wouldn’t eat the roots; Normally they won’t eat the roots but when they are hungry (too many prawns) they might nibble on the existing roots. That’s when you know you have too many prawns in your system.
  1. A combination of the two – This might be the best option. This way they keep both your fish tank clean and your floating rafts.


Difference Between Prawn and Shrimp

The difference between prawns and shrimps is negligible. There are quite a few differences if you compare the two.

Both shrimp and prawns have five legs. Prawns have claws on the first tree pair of their legs while shrimps only have claws on their first two legs.

When prawn breeds they release their eggs while the shrimp place the eggs on the underside of their body.

For more differences, check out the following image:

Difference between a Prawn and a Shrimp

Prawn or Shrimp?

Like I said at the beginning of the article, the difference between the two is quite negligible. Using prawns or shrimps for freshwater aquaponics is a choice you need to make depending on the availability in your area. The two won’t differ in maintenance or preferred environments. For now, we will just use the name shrimp.

Where can I find freshwater aquaponics shrimp for sale?

You can get freshwater shrimp locally or online. I do believe you should try to find them locally because they will probably be cheaper. If not, then the online option might be your best bet.

Separating the shrimps from the fish

When shrimps are small (juvenile) they can be eaten by your already existing fish. That is why you need to separate them from your fish. You do this by separating them with a birds mesh of .25 inches from your local store. Use PVC pipes to create a supporting structure.

When they are hungry they do eat each other and they are quite territorial. That’s why you need to make a place they can hide from each other. Constructing something like the following image is a good idea. It’s also made from PVC pipe and .25 inches birds mesh.

You will see these steps are explained in the video below: