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Commercial Aquaponics

Aquaponic System #1

We will start off with a lengthy one. This is a farm tour done by John from growingyourowngreens.com

This farm is located in Houston, Texas where people from sustainableharvesters.com grow 7000 heads of lettuce per week using aquaponics.

Aquaponic System #2

This is a good one too. It’s located in California, close to San Francisco. It’s a 15.000ft² (1/3 acre) aquaponics farm. The owner goes into great detail about how the farm works. This one is recommended!

Here is their website. Check another tour of this farm here

Aquaponic System #3

This is more of a documentary about aquaponics farming in limited spaces. This farm is located on a rooftop in Singapore and uses vertical gardening to get the most out of the available space.

Aquaponics System #4

The next one is located in Detroit. It’s an indoor farm that grows micro greens and herbs with tilapia. They use spray bars to mist the roots of the plants (aeroponics) instead of using the popular deep water culture. In order to use this technique, you have to have really good solids filtration.

Aquaponics system #5

This is a smaller farm than the previous ones. It’s still a very nice small scale aquaponics system.

If you want to see a full tour of this system, click here

Aquaponics System #6

This is the Nelson and Pade aquaponics farm. The cool thing about this video is that it is in 3D. You can use your mouse or drag the video so you can look around when they are talking.

Aquaponic System #7

Aquaponic System #8

This is a rather interesting one. It’s a small scale aquaponics system but it seems very easy to build.

They use an air pump to lift the water from the sump to the fish tank.

Check out the video:

Aquaponics System #9

This is the tour of Rob’s aquaponic setup. Rob is well known in the DIY aquaponics industry. He has great videos about aquaponics which you should definitely check out.

Aquaponic System #10

Here is a more in-depth video about the UVI system. This is a very useful video that will help you understand commercial aquaponics.